We started working with Susan on a couple of commissions for a client after being introduced by one of our wonderful clients! Now we are bringing her work into the gallery, initially with three small oil paintings in late September 2015.

Susan talks about her motivations:

"I did my foundation course in Barnsley and loved every opportunity to experiment that was offered. I studied Illustration at Harrow and eventually specialised in animation. I went onto to win a National Student Award for a short film and  a place at the Royal College of Art to study a masters degree in animation.

We relocated to North Yorkshire in 2004 and after a career break to raise my children I now work as a full-time artist.

A traditional animator is an actor with a pencil, To animate well you have to immerse yourself in the character, in the mood and movement. You draw not just with your hands but with mind and body. Illustration requires that you research and engage with your subject so that you add depth and insight, communicate a message or mood, suggest a character, personality or narrative.

In both disciplines it is impossible not to fall a little in love with your subject!

My art is a combination of enjoying both my work and my family. As an animator I would create 25 frames per second. Now I create a single image with the same aim to communicate movement, nuance and narrative. Raising children gives you the opportunity to see and learn with fresh eyes and a new perspective. 

I am an observer and  a lover of life. In my art I aim to capture the moment and invite the viewer to linger, to look closer and not just to look but to 'see'"

We certainly think Susan hits the mark with her hounds and pheasants. She is also available for portraits and other commission works. Please contact the gallery!
— Kate & Nick Bentley