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Scott Shore is completely self taught. Unencumbered by preconceived ideas or outwardly imposed models of what art should be, he is free to create without external expectations or guidance. His flare for creativity and extraordinary talent, dramatically distinguishes him from his trained counterparts. Scott’s ability to recreate the elegance and form of the human figure express his creativity and personal vision, none of which are from a shared technique.

This made him Marcel Canioni’s choice to become the first sculptor to sculpt Benedetto Pistrucci’s original sovereign design of George and the Dragon, for the Royal Mint. Although, working with some of the most prestigious companies such as Royal Worcester and Royal Doulton, Scott now prefers to work on private commissions from his home in Shropshire. His influences and inspirations come not only from the great masters, but also from his travels to; Florence, Egypt and Africa, where the sculptor is thought to give something of himself to each piece.