Marvellous porcelain bodies with splashes of colour that make a real statement. Perin uses slip cast porcelain for the bodies and a variety of glazes, both external and within the slip. She finishes with a variety of techniques to give a unique product with a delicate appearance.


Perin describes her work:

"I am a British trained designer/ maker specialising in ceramics. I create distinctive white porcelain, coloured volcanic glazed contemporary vessels, bowls and jewellery from my Leicestershire studio.

My  work reflects my experience of working with people in health care and is a metaphor for personality and the strength and fragility of human nature.  The clay in its raw state is soft and the shapes are just growing and being structured. Then as the work progresses, the pieces undergo shaping and develop in the first kiln firing. 

 At this stage the porcelain is hard enough to be carved but soft enough to still be shaped. The pieces are then polished with different grades of paper to smooth the surface and get them ready to go back into the kiln for a second firing. After this they are polished again to enhance the beauty and qualities of the individual pieces.

Each piece is unique and has its own character, the  beautiful lines and shapes of water, shells, barnicles and plants offer a unique story for me to interpret as an artist. 
I use photography to capture moments and revisit images.  From here pencil and ink drawings develop and allow me to express feelings in shape and sometimes watercolour. These expressions are then translated through distinctive hand carving, polishing and the use of volcanic glazes."

Technical information

The material is slip cast porcelain and every piece is different. Porcelain is notoriously difficult to work with.  The aim is to achieve maximum translucency then to push the design further by careful hand carving and finishing. 

The work is kiln fired twice up to 1300 degrees c. and polished several times between firings to achieve the smoothness of marble, this also highlights the beautiful natural distortions to each piece from the heat of the kiln.