A few words from Norman:

"I am a British potter based in north London. I specialise in thrown stoneware and porcelain, making studio pieces and some domestic ware. The feel of a piece is very important to me and so some forms have a gritty texture to go with the mottled glazes but I like to keep porcelain forms clean, smooth and minimally glazed.

The vocabulary of my forms comprises bowls (deep footed, flat bottomed and open rims), bottles and vase forms.  They may remain round or may be altered when soft to create undulating rims which create movement in the piece, an effect I find attractive.  I make these forms in different sizes and in either stained stoneware or porcelain.  Stoneware versions are often layered in matte feldspathic glazes but porcelain versions are only glazed on the inside, leaving the outer surface to be scored, carved or left smooth.  Porcelain pieces are glazed in layered blue-green glazes with copper red splashes for accents.

My work is reduction fired in a gas kiln to cone 10 or approximately 1300C."