Nichola Theakston has established herself as one of the UK's foremost contemporary sculptors working within the animal genre. She has exhibited widely across the country and is collected enthusiastically by many who appreciate her exceptional natural ability and skill, coupled with sensitivity and awareness of her subject. Nicola's work is widely exhibited throughout the country and has been auctioned by Bonhams auction house, London.

Unique hand-built sculpture is usually fabricated from a single thin sheet of clay, or coil built with detail added using small pieces of clay and built up like a puzzle or mosaic. Work is often at risk during construction and the resulting fragility is integral to both concept and aesthetic. 

The notion that an individual creature may experience some ‘otherness’ or dimension beyond our understanding of its instinctive animal behaviours is the premise behind these works. Portraiture is the vehicle Nicola uses to explore the feeling and expressions conveyed by the animals she recreates, sculpted with sensitivity and empathy inviting the viewer to relate and reflect.