Four Weeks and Counting!

Four Weeks and Counting!

This week I've been planning the road trip to collect from far and wide. Thankfully some lovely makers are bringing their wares to us, although the trek couldn't take much more in. I'm off to Nottingham, Leicester, London, Canterbury, Lewes, Farnham, Mere, Devon/Cornwall border. Two other trips are happening too, the Lake District and Lincoln!

Meanwhile our set designers are hard at work making something very special for the stand. We are delighted with their vision and hope you will be too.

5 Weeks To Go!

5 Weeks To Go!

The countdown has begun, we are just 5 weeks away from our first grown up exhibition. The Harrogate International Visual Arts Expo will be held in the Harrogate International Centre Hall M from the 20th November to the 22nd November 2015.

Bils & Rye will occupy stands A1 & A2 to the left of the entrance. It's a mixed show with some galleries and some artists showing their wares. We will be bringing a broad selection from the gallery with some special stars coming in for the show.

You can expect to see them in the gallery thereafter. Over the next four weeks we will be introducing each of the artists via our newsletter, which can be signed up for here.

For The Love of Art

For The Love of Art

If you're not used to going into galleries or buying art it can be a bit of a scary prospect, intimidating even and part of our ethos at Bils & Rye came about in response to this, ‘Taking the Intimidating Aspect Out of Art’.

Art really is in the eye of the beholder, and as such, no one option of it is right or wrong.  It comes down to personal taste and that is exactly how it should be approached when you consider purchasing anything.  

Steve Slimm - Colour & Light

We are delighted to be welcoming Steve Slimm back to the gallery for his second show with Bils & Rye. New works for 2015 from his Cornish studio feature land and sea scapes. Renowned for his use of light and colour, these paintings have shown further development in his abstract series of Cornish scenery.

We love bringing work to the area from further afield and Steve epitomises so much about what we like. He is mostly self taught taking inspiration from Turner with a modern twist.

He will be joined in the gallery with a host of new ceramicists including the delightful Ruth King from York with her salt glazed altered forms. Ceramic houses are on their way, more work from Guy Routledge too. August will see us up the anti once again with the arrival of Eddie and Margaret Curtis with special pieces being made to show for the first time from their Northumberland studios.

Excitement is also building for our first exhibition at HIVE2015 in Harrogate. So much so the Buy Art Fair in Manchester got in contact so we are mulling over a potential stand there too! Any feedback on this would be much appreciated.

We have also moved most of the information to this site now and have transferred the main www.bilsandrye.com domain to here too. The old website will stay live with an easy redirect in place and can be accessed here.