End of The Online Store

Over the Christmas period Kate and I have given our online content a great deal of thought. When we first opened the gallery, we really wanted to showcase excellent quality work and show the tactility of each piece and to that end we avoided opening an online store. 

As the first year was a success we tried to replicate that with an online presence and shop that allowed distant clients to purchase with ease. We tried a few stores out but none came close to the physical gallery experience and so we decided to remove the store with immediate effect. 

This does not mean we no longer wish to service distant clients but that we would rather approach it from a more manual process where we discuss the merits of the works we stock as we would in the gallery. This side of the business has developed strongly thought 2016 and we hope we have the support of our clients and artists alike in moving to a older style of selling art works! 

For us this means that we can communicate the message our artists wish to get across, detailing works by voice, email and through are numerous social media accounts. Perhaps our youngest daughter explains it best in a little film she made in late 2016?

Our youngest daughter takes you on a whirlwind tour of the gallery showing off her favourite exhibits

We are sure Hattie will be back with more of her colourful content in 2017 as we look to build on the first four years of providing Ryedale and beyond with the highest quality art works from around the UK and further afield.