In The Gallery Now

As ever there is a diverse collection of ceramics in the four rooms that make up Bils & Rye. Strong colours combined with antique, retro and reclaimed furniture provide an alternative setting for works of real distinction.

Each room has sculpture added from some of the most exciting British sculptors. We have a strong heritage of sculpture at the gallery, one of the rooms was built by the sculptor, John Bunting, who worked with Robert Thompson (the Mouseman) and Henry Moore before teaching Sir Anthony Gormley at the nearby Ampleforth Abbey.

Each room then has paintings added that we hope compliment the 3d works as well as standing strong themselves. 

For 2016, we have slimmed  down the offering, less is definitely more though in this case! We have been lucky with the high quality of work we are supplied with and the new works and artists lined up for this year will continue that theme.

April will see the arrival of Chris Keenan's ceramics along with new works by Richard Heeley, Albert Montserrat and a few others. The sculpture offering will also see new works from Tom Hiscocks, Philip Wakeham and Simon Gudgeon.

Paintings are also being updated through the year with the arrival of Tom Homewood showing with his old college friend Carne Griffiths for the first time in many years. We are also importing some fine figurative paintings from France to show alongside Katya Gridneva's work. 

All in all, 2016 should be a fabulous year for art, North Yorkshire and the many artist we work with!