New Displays and Big Plans for 2016

Lyrebird by Simon Gudgeon

Lyrebird by Simon Gudgeon

2015 was an fantastic year of change for us. We welcomed many more visitors to the gallery and had a fabulous time at our first art fair. HIVE in Harrogate was a hard graft, getting all the works together, we learned many lessons. We had a great time and thank you to all who attended. We have taken stands at Cambridge and Edinburgh Art Fairs for 2016 and considering a couple of other options.

We have also undertaken a big change around in the gallery with a lot less work on display, hopefully making it a little more coherent and easier on the eye! We have a lot more sculpture for 2016, kicking off the year with a major coup of securing work from Simon Gudgeon. Born and bred in Ryedale, Simon went on to become a solicitor before converting to sculpting. His works are in international and Royal collections.

Through the year we plan to add more sculptors to the roster and continue the search for a workable outdoor location to show large scale works. We continue to work with Michael Thacker, Helen Sinclair, Tom Hiscocks and Philip Wakeham along with others like Michelle McKinney and Jo Hatty.

Ceramics continue to be a key part of the display and we are delighted to be working with some of Britain's finest potters. Sculpture is well represented here too with works by Chiu-i Wu, Midori Takaki, Ann Goodfellow, Carol Pask and Brendan Hesmondhalgh. Decorative ceramics by Eddie & Margaret Curtis, Tanya Gomez, Norman Yap, Stephen Murfitt, Carla Pownall and James Hake are complemented by utility works by Rebecca Callis, Sheila Madder, Paulo Alves, Richard Heeley and soon to be revealed Chris Keenan.

We continue to represent Laura Rich, Amy Albright, Helen Dodds and Robert J. Wyatt and welcome Bill Zima to the wall hangings. We continue the search for some figurative works to show alongside Russian born Katya Gridneva's pastels! So if you think your work will fit in please do get in contact!

The displays will continue to evolve over the course of the year with a few special shows and events so please do sign up for our newsletter.

Bill Zima - Ink and Beeswax

Bill Zima - Ink and Beeswax

Cambridge Art Fair - 29th September - 2nd October 2016

Organised by Red Dot Events, the same team that organised HIVE. We have booked stands E1/E2 on the raised dias at the back of the hall. Returning to my place of birth is quite exciting so I hope to see lots of the old faces!

Edinburgh Art Fair - 18th - 20th November 2016

Pre-selected by the organisers, we had already heard great things about this fair so made a pretty quick decision to join the cool galleries. We are on stand E10.

We have also kicked off 2016 with a small re-brand, hoping it shows we have grown up a little since turning 3 on the 14th February. If you didn't make it to our launch party for the latest show "Searching for Enlightenment" it features new works by Simon Gudgeon, Bill Zima, Helen Dodds, Tom Hiscocks, Michael Thacker, Philip Wakeham, Tanya Gomez and Norman Yap. There is plenty more to see in the gallery. We are now open Wednesday - Sunday from 10:00 to 16:00 plus private views and home visits outside these hours.

Wishing you all a fabulous 2016 and look forward to welcoming you to the gallery in due course.