Dealing In Temptation

We were recently visited by Richard Foot and Arron Fowler who spent a day filming and interviewing us. The result is now available from their website, Vimeo channel and uploaded to our YouTube channel.

Please do share the content to your networks to help us bring the message to more people! Bill & Rye helps around 150 artists and craftspeople make a living from their rare skill. It's a delight to us, each day, to go to work, surrounded by beautiful objects made through hard graft and a lot of love.

We think this shines through and we are pretty passionate in our approach to showing visitors around the gallery. Yes, it's a shop, with a difference! We've recently been described as the maddest place ever visited (in a good way) and then we agreed to show the artist's work in the near future!

Yes it's eclectic, it can take several trips to the gallery to get your head around the vast array of work. We can certainly understand that yet we will not relent and become another white walled gallery with plinths and plaques.

Anyway, please watch, share, comment and visit! BE WARNED THOUGH, we do DEAL IN TEMPTATION!