Yorkshire Air Ambulance

The early stages!

The early stages!

This year it's fund raising for Yorkshire Air Ambulance that's on our Christmas list!

It's been a tremendous year at the gallery growing by 200% and firmly becoming established as a specialist dealer in British Contemporary Ceramics. So as we approach the end of year three we wanted to do a little fun charity fund raiser.

Earlier this year, shortly after the Nunnington Bash fundraiser for Yorkshire Air Ambulance, we were reminded just how important this service is when it came to the rescue of one of our dear friends. Thanks to their important work, our friend is still with us, fighting fit and laughing as much as ever.

Without Yorkshire Air Ambulance we probably wouldn't have him in our circle of friends. So, following my fundraising for Bowel Cancer via Decembeard last year, I'm offering to shave off my beard if we can raise some much needed funds for YAA. They need £12,000.00 a day to maintain the service!

So, there are many more details on the Just Giving website. Please like, share, donate, chuckle and help us to achieve the significant targets! I love my beard, Mrs Bils & Rye loves my beard. One customer hated my beard and told me it was offensive! So they win, it is going on Christmas morning! Please make it happen!