Martin’s work often has a Japanese influence in form, function or finish and all demonstrate his love of the Shibui principle of simple subtle and unobtrusive beauty.  His specialist area of focus is the creation of both wheelthrown and handbuilt tea bowls, ceremonial and every day. This fascination with how different  cultures approach and value  drinking and eating vessels has lead Martin to work with chefs as well as private individuals, producing bespoke fine dining ware.

Martin’s ceramic work draws heavily on his experiences as a retired physiotherapist and martial artist. His work is a continuing dialogue with and exploration of the boundaries between strength and vulnerability, balance, function and the subtle asymmetries found all around us in nature.  

He first became involved with ceramics in 1986, when, looking for a creative hobby he joined an evening class at the local college. Within a term he had enrolled on a full time HND in 3D Design at what was then Lancashire Polytechnic. After graduating in 1989, Martin was selected by the Crafts Council to exhibit at The Festival of Britain in Costa Mesa California in October 1990.

Martin’s work can be found in public collections in Lancaster, Burnley and London. His work is represented in many private collections in the UK and USA.