The first new arrival of October 2015, as the leaves turn the stunning colours of Maria's very unique ceramics have arrved!

My early creative training and work was in graphic design, it was a time when the industry was changing from drawing boards to computers. As my work became more computer based I realised I missed using my hands and making things, that realisation led me to ceramics and an MA in ceramic design at Bath Spa University. Since graduating I have exhibited nationally and internationally and now work from my studio in Bath.
The precision I learned when creating artwork as a graphic designer combined with the organic nature of clay is the basis of my work in ceramics today.   I am inspired by opposing themes - organic and geometric : spontaneous and controlled. Intuitive, almost unconsidered movements allow and encourage organic forms to emerge.  Precise and controlled movements  create clean lines.  Each piece  is a making journey which encompasses elements of chance and explores the balance between line, form and colour.