Lindsay is a recent graduate with a bright future ahead of her. At a recent end of course show she sold multiple versions of her trademark ruler pictures, including some of her tutors and collectors of some renown.

Lindsay explains her work:

"According to art historian Anne Higonnet  “By the 1990s the image of the child had become perhaps the most powerful contradictory image in western consumer culture, promising the future but also turned nostalgically to the past, trading on innocence but implying sexuality…” My work explores, through painting, the use of objects and photographs, the theme of childhood and growing up; observing my own children constantly changing and recording their individual journeys increased my awareness of the transience of childhood.  While these photographic records act as a springboard for my work, I want to suggest more than a frozen moment: questioning the events before the moment; the possibilities and potential beyond it; and the bitter sweet experience of parents watching their children grow. Objects associated with childhood communicate  the longing to hold on to the past, while the combination of chalk and paint acknowledge the ephemeral nature of youth. My latest body of work comments on our experiences of school, the notion of continual measurement – physically, mentally, academically, against peers, conformity, uniformity, isolation, insecurities and freedom. Children’s body language is universal and timeless and has become the main focus of my work. Extracting the figure from the photographic image and placing it in a more ambiguous context allows the viewer to probe their own memory archives and apply their own narratives"

Q & A session with Lindsay:

1. How old are you? 
21  but my face and body would dispute that.

2. Where did you train?
Sunderland University

3. What inspired you to become an artist?
It wasn't inspiration it was a compulsion to be creative, I have always been driven to make but just needed to find the best way to satisfy the need.

4. What is Art? 
Art, for me, is something that moves me emotionally.

5. If you weren't an artist what would you be? 
Sorry not very rock n roll but I would run a dog shelter.

6. If you could travel back in time what advice would you give your younger self?
Live in the moment, advice I am still trying to follow.

7. Tell me three (add more if you want) things not many people know about you.
 I have lived in County Durham most of my life but was actually born in Guisborough
 My best friend calls me Jinx
 Sons of Anarchy is one of my favourite programmes and guilty pleasure.