Kerr Ashmore is an international, contemporary landscape artist from the UK. Her atmospheric landscapes are reflections of nature, memory and emotion. Her works are beautifully aesthetic, emotionally powerful and are admired and sold worldwide.
“Growing up in North Yorkshire, UK, so close to the Moors and the cold North Sea, I was surrounded by beauty and inspiration. I have always been so mesmerized by the dramatic and ever-changing movement of light and dark that can so drastically change the natural landscape around me and my own emotional response to it.”

Available Works - June 2017

"For me, there are so many different aspects to the creative of those aspects is being out in nature, and one of my biggest sources of inspiration is the sky...particularly a stormy one. I love to walk high up into the hills. There I'll sit or lay or wander, taking photographs or creating small studies (I call them my emotional landscapes because they're more about  emotional response to what's around me)."
My painting process is emotive and highly energised. Often, I begin a piece inspired purely by emotion and then comes a memory of place and's then that a landscape begins to form. Sometimes I begin with a landscape and then the piece becomes more abstracted as memory and emotions take over..I move fast and for long periods until I feel the painting has reached a certain point...then I catch my breath, stand back, look, absorb, then off I go again until the piece tells me it’s finished – for now anyway :). "
Kerr Ashmore