Jonathan trained as an architect, has worked as an architect and urban designer and also works as an artist. His artistic practice is predominantly two dimensional abstract work in colour and monochrome, watercolour and acrylic paint, graphite and charcoal on paper, canvas and boards.

In the series of works, Contemplation Fields, watercolour paintings are presented on paper to explore both the surface characteristics of the painting as well as opportunities for the depiction of pictorial space through layering and the semi-controlled occurrence of painterly ‘phenomena’.

Jonathan’s concern is the translucent and overlapping layers of often complementary colour taken from a highly restricted palette, applied in rectilinear blocks. His primary interest lies in the technical characteristics of the materials he is working with, including the support itself - in this case paper. The only narratives he consciously seeks to convey in this series are those which can be understood by unpicking the processes of making.

Although the presence of the artist cannot be denied in any work, Jonathan seeks to restrain his own expression in favour of creating opportunities for questioning, reflection, contemplation, or even ‘what if’ propositions that he hopes will result from the viewer interrogating the processes of making and the outcomes of these processes.

Many of the pieces are made as pairs or in series in which one variable is modified to establish a dialogue and thus explore the pictorial opportunities of minimalist abstraction through the closely controlled parameters within which Jonathan is working.