A former ceramicists who has turned his hand with remarkable skill to bronze works. We loved his naive animals and jumped at the chance to be the first to exhibit Jack's latest body of works, vessels that have deep roots in his ceramics past and cast in bronze by the wonderful McKinney Foundry.

Makers have a privileged relationship with their material, they are handed an insight into its nature and learn the process of transforming it into something magical.

The reference for all Jack's work is a sense of place, the rhythms, patterns and textures found where the sea meets the land, its a place where he feels, thinks and finds inspiration. 

Having always lived close to the east coast of the UK, Jack feels a connection, a constant draw to remain close.

Creating a new work feels like he is trying to give life to a stone, distilling the silent presences of a natural object or a place that has taken effect upon him. He looks to strike a balance between an object that has been made by hand and one that has occurred naturally.

Making for Jack is just a different way of thinking and of expressing thoughts and ideas, it precedes meaning and the fear of a creative paralysis. Jack makes things to enjoy and spend time with and to contemplate their origin and admire their beauty.