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Sculptor Ian Greensitt creates stunning limited edition Bronze sculptures of game birds and game fish, much sought after worldwide.

Using the lost wax method of bronzing, no two bronzes are exactly the same, with each piece having its own unique patina colouration.

The bronze salmon was commissioned by the CLA for the ‘Arthur Oglesby’ annual award with a limited edition of ‘9’.

Ian creates his sculptures from his Northumberland studio, close to the Northumbrian moorlands and rivers, where he is able to observe and study his subjects in their natural environment.

UK based wildlife sculpture working in bronze and silver. Ian's work is highly regarded both at home and abroad, he works from his own inspirations drawn from the natural surroundings to create works for personal study. Ian also works to commission subject matter including but not limited to equine, game, fowl, fish and mammals. He frequently travels to the African continent to study conserved wildlife in their natural surroundings.