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The Piano Room at Bils & Rye. December 2017

A quick tour of the Small Room at Bils & Rye gallery. December 2017

Ceramicist Chris Keenan began working with clay in his mid-thirties after a 12-year acting career, when he began an apprenticeship with Edmund de Waal. Chris set up his own studio immediately after completing his apprenticeship - that was 1998 and has been making pottery ever since.

Passionate About Art - A Short Film by Julian Freeman from Stars of Wellbeing

Dealing In Temptation - Passionate About Art

A short film shot whilst we celebrated our 4th anniversary of existence. Thank you to Julian Freeman of Stars of Wellbeing for his excellent work in showing off the new premises and all the lovely works of art we are lucky enough to be surrounded by.

Equally a massive thanks to The Piano Workshop for the supply of the Schiedmayer Boudoir Grand piano that they renovated recently. It is for sale from the gallery so please come and try it out.

A special thanks to Joseph Shone for his accomplished playing for 3 hours with barely a break. A rising talent indeed!

Bils & Rye - Dealing in Temptation by R & A Collaborations - this film was shot in our original location, we relocated in September 2016 to Kirkbymoorside where we have long term plans for the future.

Bils & Rye - Dealing in Temptation by R & A Collaborations - this film was shot in our original location at Nunnington Studios.  We relocated in September 2016 to our new home at 5 Market Place, Kirkbymoorside. Kate and Nick Bentley started Bils & Rye after several years of collecting sculptural glass and ceramics. Together, the pair worked out of Nunnington Studios located within the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty that encompasses the Howardian Hills and the southern entrances to the North York Moors. The couple lived in the village too, with their young family and mad dog. At the time of production of this film Bils & Rye sourced work from talent around the UK, either from established artists or emerging artisans. Bils & Rye carried a diverse range of stock by British contemporary artists and had began to import some very high quality ceramics from Dubai, Spain and Germany.

Having moved to their lovely new premises in September 2016, it became a joy to curate the gallery once again. Especially the main room with it's nooks and crannies that were crying out for the world class sculpture Bils & Rye stock.

Kate & Nick’s youngest daughter takes you on a whirlwind tour of the gallery showing off her favourite exhibits

Our first Cambridge Art Fair took place in September/October 2016 in the Guidhall. Here's a short video including interviews with Kate and Nick

Carne has been with Bils & Rye since the start of the gallery adventure.  Here is a short video Carne had made, Carne says "This piece, influenced by the track Undercurrent by Fragile state will be my next print release with the guys at Derbby. Music plays a huge part in influencing the paintings I make having a profound effect on the energy and style of each work."

Samantha joined the Bils & Rye family in 2016 – we adore her quirky industrious fairies.  Here is a film Samantha commission R&A Collaborations to produce. Samantha Bryan is a mixed-media artist based in West Yorkshire. She works from a studio in the West Yorkshire Print Workshop situated in Mirfield. Samantha finds herself preoccupied with everyday life, but not her own- that of the fairy. Consequently her sculptures place what can only be described as ‘fairies’ with machine-like contraptions. They depict fairies going about their everyday lives. Within her work her extraordinary objective is to realise the necessities and requirements that would be involved in ‘fairy life’: to provide everything a fairy would demand during its daily existence. 

We love the films that Richard and Arron at R&A Collaborations make.  Here are a few more about artists that we have worked with other the years

Jin Eui Kim is a ceramic artist, originally from South Korea. He graduated from Cardiff School of Art & Design with a MA and PhD in Ceramics, during which time he studied the illusory effects of application of black through to white to three-dimensional surfaces. Jin Eui explores in depth tonal effects and spatial illusions, creating works that are both visually and intellectually challenging. He makes both none-functional sculpture works of horizontal and vertical cylinder forms and functional ware, applies the principles of creation of illusory spatial phenomena such as gradient in tone and size of bands. He also tries to understand more, the quality of clay and how it can be combined with subtle variations of tone to create the illusory spatial phenomena. 

Paul Wearing - Order & Chaos by R & A Collaborations

Paul Wearing's relationship with the environment is fundamental to his practice and is expressed through the coil-built ceramic vessel and its glazed surface. Inspiration is drawn as much from elements and processes observed and experienced within both rural and urban landscapes as from the clay and glaze materials. The layering of slips and glazes renders a visually complex and textured surface and the qualities of both form and surface encourage a direct, immediate perception and reveal a dialogue between the handmade and manifestations of nature. Paul uses White St Thomas stoneware clay, formulates his own slips and glazes and fires in an electric kiln up to 1220 degrees centigrade. Multiple firings are undertaken in order to achieve the final surface qualities. 

Alongside vessels, Elaine Bolt creates unique compositions with small objects in ceramic and mixed media. Each suggesting unidentified utensils or obscure tools, these compositions often include ‘found objects’ and unusual materials. These pieces are arranged in museum-like displays and are created to trigger memories of the past, or hint at some mysterious origin. 

Louise Hall - Balance of Knowing by R & A Collaborations

Louise Hall works with porcelain to create fragile and delicate looking hand built forms and vessels. By exploring the materiality of porcelain she has learnt how to push this wonderful material to its maximum, before collapse or extreme warpage takes effect. The translucent nature of porcelain has furnished great inspiration for lighting; when unglazed and lit, an ethereal and calming ambience is created; detail is added from different textures to create the illusion of fabric or paper or anything unclaylike. The pieces teeter on the balance between extreme fragility and absolute strength; Louise physically manhandle them, whilst the firing process enables the porcelain to develop a more undulating and independent sense of self. Each piece, although perhaps similar in shape, will differ due to the force, positioning and timing of the instantaneous contact between man and material. 

Katharina Klug - Fired Moment by R & A Collaborations

We spent a beautiful spring's afternoon in Katharina's workshop and garden. The sun shining, the whir of the potters wheel, birds singing, it was a wonder we got everything done. To spend time surrounded by Katharina's fine work and in her good company was a joy. We recommend you take the opportunity to visit the studio, meet Katharina and see her many vessels for real. There is a clarity and calm, that is present in the air and distilled into the porcelain of Katharina's pots. Katharina in her own words "My work is about simplicity of design and form. I am drawn to creating vessels of all kinds, and I am inspired by the elemental colour and shape of ancient Korean pottery as well as the outstanding works of Lucy Rie and Rupert Spira. When creating the pot, I try to achieve balance and stability. I make each piece as a one-off, but I create small series when I work on a theme.When I decorate, I use natural forms and rudimentary patterns which are pressed, scraped, or stuck to the pot’s surface. What I love about ceramic is that it starts of as a soft lump and can become pretty much anything you want it to be. After the firing it is hard and durable and can survive centuries. But at the same time it’s fragile and can be broken into pieces in a moment."

Keith Varney - Curved Folds by R & A Collaborations

Keith Varney is a ceramicist fascinated by form, line and texture, with the use of curved folding a defining part of his practice. He's inspired by the ways these elements interact with light, shade and colour to create his contemporary ceramic sculpture and vessels. Keith enjoys the qualities of clay, its unlimited potential to take on new forms and textures, worked only by simple tools and hands alone, the irreversible transformation in the intense heat of the kiln having the last word. The material qualities of clay and the physicality of the making process itself are at the heart of his practice. Keith works in porcelain and bone china for their purity, translucency, and clear bright colours when glazed.