Ferri hand builds her sculptures using stoneware and porcelain clay and fires most of her work to 1260C in an electric kiln.


Ceramic artist Ferri Farahmandi creates beautiful stoneware and clay figures, which are “a response to both my love of clay and to the beauty of nature”. Both the creation and result is simple yet elegant – neatly coiled clay is delicately laid to gradually build the female form. The layered glazes on her stoneware pieces are the result of extensive experimentation, which lends a tactile quality to her work – inviting the viewer to caress the surface. Farahmandi’s work is sensual and graceful, evoking a feeling of femininity and tranquillity.  She is known for examining how society restricts our lives demonstrating the boundaries to our freedom. I hand build using stoneware and porcelain clay. Most of my work is fired to 1260C in an electric kiln.