April 2017 sees the return of Emerson Mayes to Bils & Rye and his first showing at the new gallery. This time we have selected some wonderful Yorkshire Landscapes.

Emerson Mayes lives and works in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.  He graduated with a degree in Graphic Arts from Leeds Metropolitan University in 1994 and subsequently has had a successful and productive career, winning awards and showing in solo and group shows across the country. A master of tone and mark making, his impasto oil paintings depicting the Yorkshire landscape are a triumph of colour and composition.

Emerson explains a little about his landscape works:

“Although the landscapes I paint are always actual places, I am acutely aware that the painting is the object that will exist and be seen. Therefore trees may be moved, horizons changed and colours altered. I always attempt to walk that thin line between the representation of the landscape and the physicality of the act of painting. My paintings will not change the world, or make political comments - but that doesn't mean to attempt to define and describe the world that surrounds me is any less justified today as it has been throughout art history.”

We asked Emerson the following “big” questions:

What is art?

It's what makes us human.

Why is art important?

It gives us a chance to hold a mirror up to ourselves and ask questions - from the 'big' questions, to more simple ones like how we perceive the world around us.

What is the purpose of your role as an artist?

To be honest with myself and my creative process. My work is never going to change the world, but if it gives one person a place for reflection or brings some happiness then I think I've done my job.