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Here at Bils & Rye we love to shout from the rooftops about ceramics! This year will see our inaugural emerging potter show, timed to run around Ceramic Art York. From the 1st September 2016 to the 31st October 2016 we will show a selection of ceramics by emerging makers from the UK and Ireland.

Applications to the show are now closed. The successful entrants are:

  • The judging panel was made up of:
  • Ruth King - Governning Council of the Craft Potters Association
  • Norman Yap - Vice Chair of the London Potters Association
  • Kate Bentley - Director of Bils & Rye and artist
  • Nick Bentley - Director of Bils & Rye and collector

Prizes to be announced soon and will include involvement from Potclay Limited, mentoring, exposure in the Emerging Potter Online Magazine

We will be donating a proportion of the sales to the Adopt a Potter organisation. We will be giving away leaflets during the course of the exhibition to help raise the profile of this excellent organisation.

Kate & Nick Bentley

Founders and owners of Bils & Rye Kate and Nick Bentley live for art. It is there passion, along with two daughters and two errant dogs.

Kate spent the last 10 years working as an artist, recently taking a break to spend more time in the gallery alongside home schooling her young daughters. Her work covered figurative through to seascapes and much in between and her last body of work was a series showing the diversity of Highland Cattle! She has a love of dogs, horses, chocolate and entertaining (not necessarily in that order). Her greatest influence has been her incredibly arty family.

Nick spent many years in a variety of careers including air traffic control, building, event management, catering and sales. Never has he been happier than running the gallery. He has no formal art training, preferring to believe in aesthetics and finish rather than theory. Outside of art and ceramics in particular, Nick loves motor racing, cricket, reading and eating out! Wine is also quite important.