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Craig Underhill was born in Scotland and studied ceramics at Harrow College and then Fine Art at Portsmouth University. His studio for the last 20 years has been in his garden at his home in the Midlands. Here he has created an inspiring space to work in which he can be both relaxed and focused.

His ceramics are made in response to landscapes and places that he has visited or travelled through. A recurring interest in his work are natural landscapes that have human interventions that tell a story about our relationship with the natural world. The coast is a particularly influential environment but the mundane, overlooked and apparently ordinary landscape can also serve as a rich source of inspiration. His definition of landscape is not necessarily a large scale open vista, it can also be seen on a small scale and more intimate level.

His ceramic pieces should be seen as 3D paintings made with ceramic materials on which he explores and applies a broad and inventive range of mark making techniques and materials to create rich layered surfaces.