New stock arrived in August 2016!

BLOTT WORKS was founded in early 2012 by Dan Morrison with a good sprinkling of his life-long friend and collaborator Andy Plant, both of them artist/engineers with many years experience creating magical and wondrous worlds and objects. They set out to produce 'common appliances as original sculpture' and this is what they continue to do.

The hills and valleys of the southern end of the Pennines is a place of stunning natural landscapes.

It is also a place with an impressive industrial heritage, with the chimneys of the numerous textile mills dominating the views through the 19th and early 20th Century. These are now mostly gone, along with the constant smoke that used to hang in the damp air.

Over the years the area has adapted well to these dramatic changes and is now teeming with small industry, creative businesses and tourism.

It is in this very special place that the ideas for BLOTT WORKS took shape, and where it has made its home.