Andrew is a freelance artist and "maker". He uses a diverse range of materials and techniques choosing whichever is most suitable to allow him to realise his artistic plans at that particular moment.  He believes in the power of problem solving and making do with the tools and environment he finds himself in. "I believe in the power to make and create, to do so to the best of my ability and not to be afraid to make mistakes."  

"Motor bikes have always been a part of my life.  When we are young we show no fear, we can be reckless and never think about dangers."
The last crash finally put an end to Andrew's biking days. It also led to illness, arthritis and the end of his career but it also pushed him into art and completing a BA in Ceramics in 2012.

Andrew also makes musical instruments on commission using the same processes as the helmets. They carry huge amounts of detail. He is fast becoming one of Britain's most sought after ceramicists for his quirky renditions and assured finish. More work coming soon!

 Q & A with Andrew:

1.  How old are you?

2. Where did you train?
University of Ulster, Belfast

3. What inspired you to become an artist?
Art was my only good subject at school but I was never encouraged, you went out and got a trade.  At the age of 40 illness forced me of out of work.  It was my chance to follow the dream, the time was right!

4. What is Art?
My therapy

5. If you weren't an artist what would you be?
A hot rod builder in California

6. If you could travel back in time, what advice would you give your younger self?
Don't get on that motorbike

7. Tell me three (add more if you want) things not many people know about you.
1) I drive a 1975 mini everyday
2) I am building a 1950 chevy custom car
3) I lived in Australia as a kid

8.  If you had a superpower what would it be and why?
The power to switch on and off my dyslexic mind at will, this would give me the chance to do paperwork then switch back to the creative side!