It's been a whirlwind year since we started working with Albert. So many of his magnificent vessels have found new homes. During late summer, Albert and his family relocated from Kingston Upon Thames to the idyllic tranquility of Ryedale. It's a delight to have his studio a few miles from the gallery, not least because we now have a regular supply to match the demand!

In the Autumn Albert started producing bowls after a little urging from his wife and Bils & Rye and these too are flying out of the gallery. New works arrive weekly and Albert now has a lot more time to dedicate to developing the glazes and perfecting the forms he wants to make. From Barcelona, to Mexico and London and now in North Yorkshire!

All of Albert's latest stock can be found on our Artsy listing:

Albert was born in Barcelona. After his graduation in Product Design (Elisava, Barcelona) he started his studies as a Ceramicist (Massana, Barcelona and Escola de Ceràmica de la Bisbal, Girona). In 2007 he set up his first studio as a partnership in Barcelona. Then, he moved the studio to Mexico where he  prepared his own clays and glazes as well as improved his gas firing techniques. In 2013 he  set up his own studio in the UK mainly throwing vases on the potter's wheel with special interest in large format pieces and in the investigation of glazes.

Porcelain fired at 1300ºC, its strength, finish, fluidity and whiteness are the most important reasons why he employs it as well as its connotations of quality. Porcelain is like a white canvas ready to have glazes applied to it. It is a very tough material and Albert must show respect whilst keeping  control while working with it. 

He  throws simple, clear and classic pots with no decorations. His glazes are the ones which decorate them with the strength and personality he seeks.

He is very interested in the Oriental Glazes in general but more specifically in the "Oil Spot" type of glazes searching for new finishes and colours. "Oil Spots" are very challenging and extraordinary beautiful glazes. They are a type of "Tenmoku" glaze originally from China during the Song Dynasty (960-1279). "Yuteki" or "Oil Spot", is an effect that occurs when there is an overload of iron oxide which is allowed to heat up slowly and forms effulgent spots on the surface.