Possibly the most in demand potter in Britain right now. We are lucky to have an extensive stock of Akiko's work, from her Pond Green bowls to a medium Moon Jar. Please get in contact for an up to date listing of her works or better still visit to see them all!

We have lots more stock so please do call or visit to see more.

Born and bred in Japan, Akiko studied in Japan and then transferred to London where she studied at Central St Martins and the opened her own studio at the Chocolate Factory in London. We are delighted to be showing examples of her most recent works.


Akiko's words "White Ware'

'My preference of choosing types of clay when making white ware is the dark and coarse clay most of the time. The whiteness acts as a membrane or a veil. The hints of the true nature of the material appear slightly on the surface. Dark clay which consists of many impurities induces strong chemical changes in heat and the trace of events remains under the veil when it cools down. White, on the other hand, is more stable because of its purity. It is already settled and has a feeling of “stillness”.

Superficially my work appears to be quiet in white. It does not show the rawness of Mother Nature directly. A symbolic figure always looks more perfect than the actual person he/she is. Imagination and fantasy always reinforce the imperfection and achieve the perfection with its own originality.  Therefore the completion of my work is done by the viewers. My work is a creation on its own.'