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Abigail North studied ceramics in London and later in Devon under the guidance of Bruce Chivers, and after a year as an assistant to the potter Penny Simpson,  now works from her own studio on the edge of Dartmoor.

Her work consists of finely thrown porcelain and stoneware vessels which are carefully decorated by hand, and then glazed with a transparent glaze.

A further range of work combines two different coloured clay bodies, evocative of the landscape on Dartmoor.

And in her studio adjacent to the moor, surrounded by beautiful ferns and lichen, the most recent project comprises of a series of bowls and vases with a delicate fern decoration, a modern take on the traditional mocha-ware decorating technique.

 All work is decoratedwhen leather hard and then bisque fired before it is glazed and high fired in an electric kiln.

...each opening of the kiln feels like an unwrapping of presents; the process of beginning to throw a vessel on the wheel with my eyes shut, relying on my fingers to ‘see’, is like discovering an extra sense; the thrill of carefully and sometimes obsessively turning each piece until the shape and form of a vessel is exactly as I want it to be; the experiencing of withdrawal symptoms when I can’t be in my studio for a period of time; the solitude, peace and privacy when I am there, leaving everything else behind for a while; the feeling that in making pots very little raw material is ever wasted and nearly everything is recycled when things don’t turn out quite right; always thinking about ceramics when I wake and if I can’t sleep; reading everything I can about the subject sometimes many times over; an overwhelming sense that this is what I really want to do and am simply unable to stop...’